Best Practices For How to Protect Your Bird This 4th of July

You certainly need no reminder we are in the midst a long holiday weekend and Wednesday is the day we celebrate by shooting dangerous explosive devices 200 feet into the air.

Much like the Weather Channel reminds you to put a blanket in your trunk every winter, we’re here to provide a refresher for Parrot Pyrotechnic Prophylactic Preparation (that one caused a brain cramp 🙂 (more…)

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I Took In A Rescue Sun Conure That’s Biting Me – Help!

Mimi H writes


A patient of mine highly recommended you.


I’ve watched some of the biting videos but you see I took in a rescue sunconure.


We believe it’s male.


It humps everything right now.


His wings are not clipped mind you and I’m not against doing it if it will help.


My issue is not only is he hand shy but also a biter really bad.


We believe he is 4-5yo.


Where should I start and how?


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