Can I always keep an African Gray parrot in a cage that is placed in the living room?

I’m going to interpret this as a cage placement question.

The answer is not straightforward.

Parrots like privacy.

We talk alot about the birdcage canopy effect of lining the top third of your bird’s cage with so many toys that you can not see the bird.

This gives them a sense of security in that they are not easily seen all the time.

You have some sort of window covering in your bedroom, right? (more…)

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What should you do after being bitten by a parrot?

First things first.

You can use Nolvasan solution as an antibacterial flush and Betadine (available in pharmacies and most animal feed stores) to disinfect the wound on the human.

Betadine can also be used on any animal including all parrots, birds and mammals.

There’s nothing wrong with using peroxide.

Grabbing a bar of soap out of the shower or the bathroom sink to clean the wound will only add bacteria residing on that bar of soap and probably should not be used.


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Do Bird Food Pellets Affect A Parrotlet’s Mutation Colors?

Hi, I’m a long time customer and newsletter subscriber.


I have currently have 6 birds which include 2 special needs parakeets that we adopted, 1 fancy parakeet,  green and yellow coloration and is the most normal and closest to their original color before mutations.


2 green check conures, and last but not least, the bird I have a question about, my yellow color mutation parrotlet.


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My Peach-faced lovebird made an egg

Unfertilized, she has no mate.

Yesterday my lovebird was a tiny velociraptor defending her nest,and I’ve been watching her ‘egg bum’ for a couple of days, now.

This morning she was bouncy and happy, apparently relieved of her butt burden, but this is not over, her bum is still looking eggy. Lovebirds usually have 5 eggs in a clutch..?


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What To Feed My 27 Birds From Finches To A Blue Front Amazon

Hi I’m looking for a dietary regimen for an Amazon Blue Front parrot.


He is used to a seed diet and I’m looking to provide him a healthier diet.


Do you have any recommendations?


Also I need a healthy diet for a sun conure. A dietary regimen for parakeets and also for finches of various varieties.


I’m looking to save money considering I have 27 different birds.


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Sex and the Single Bird

There’s two sides to this conversation.
There’s the “your bird needs to have some sort of sexual satisfaction in it’s life” and there’s the “what sex is your bird”?
Let’s start with bird sexing.
About 20 to 25% of parrots are classified as sexually dimorphic.
This means you can tell them apart by their color. Male Eclectus parrots are green and females are red.
Male Indian and African Ringnecks, when mature (at about 18 months) have a neck ring, females have no ring.  (more…)

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How far is too far out of the birdcage?

This post was originally published 04/30/16

This image received a lot of negative blow back on social media about how the bird was being imperiled.

As an avid motorcyclist, I know the first rule motorcycling is “if you don’t want to be injured on a motorcycle – don’t get on a motorcycle”.


If this motorcyclist were to have an accident – be it solo like running off the road or a collision with another vehicle – I think it would be more likely that the bird would fly away unharmed With the human sustaining injuries.


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