We love our birds
We know they are complicated creatures with
every species having its own uniquenutritional challenges.
The size of the food is as important as each ingredient
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Take control of your bird with light
The most important data your bird receives is light. Specifically "light cycles" along with changes in UV spectrum are what signals your bird when to breed, molt and (with other species) when to migrate.

We can help fix "chronic egg laying" disorders, negative behaviors like "feather plucking and screaming" and "irrational conduct" triggered by hormonal imbalances.

All with light.

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Bird Cages
Your flock might never leave the cage or be out all day still spending 50% of their time in a bird cage.

When your bird spends so much time in one doesn't it make sense to understand why a particular bird cage is best suited for your bird?

You can call or email us if you're not sure how to select the right cage for your pet bird.

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Climbing Nets

Bird Toys

Act as the leaves of the trees if your bird ws in the wild


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