• Behavior

    Behavior (38)

    The training category offers solutions for not only feather destruction and screaming but general training supplies to improve the human bird relationship. More bad bird behavior solutions found here.
  • Bird Toys

    Bird Toys (186)

    Bird toys offer not only foraging and enrichment opportunities but act like the leaves of the tree they would be occupying in the wild. In other words, toys also provide security, something the birds can hide behind much like how humans use window shades to provide privacy. We call that the canopy effect.
  • Bird Types

    Bird Types (482)

    Not finding your bird's particular species? Contact us and we'll add it as soon as we can. Here's the list of parrots and parakeets we're working from.
  • Cages

    Cages (279)

    This category is why we refer to you as a caged bird keeper. A birdcage is where your bird(s) will spend 50% of their lifetime thus must be chosen wisely. We're here to help.
  • Clean

    Clean (37)

    You'll find products here to help clean the birdcage, bird and your home. Yes, we know birds are messy but by taking smart steps there are many ways we can help to reduce your cleaning chores and time. BTW, if you don't like to vacuum, don't get a pet bird.
  • Dishes

    Dishes (85)

    Here you’ll find everything from mess-less feeders to dishes that will retrofit older birdcages. Clamp-on bolt-on inserts into existing holder rings. You’ll not find a better selection anywhere on the web.
  • Health

    Health (94)

    From keeping beaks trim to knowing avian first-aid you must be prepared for any number of scenarios. Are you able to restrain your bird? Can you help keep your parrot groomed? What You'll Find In Our Pet Bird Health Category
  • New

    New (11)

    We are always seeking the latest and greatest items for your pet birds. Because of our close relationships with the largest and smallest manufacturers of bird products and accessories we find these items first and present them to you. Check back often for our latest finds.
  • Nutrition

    Nutrition (382)

    With a standing heart rate of 200 bpm and the ability to fly, engineering the proper combination of nutrients is a challenge for anyone having a bird in their home. We break it down for you categorically by brand, by bird, and by food type.
  • Perches +

    Perches + (236)

    Wake up deciding your birdcage and environment is one of the most single important tasks you will execute. The interior of the cage must be suited for the bird take into account things like long tail or short tail birds. Perches should be placed so they avoid poop trajectories. Most importantly toys should be arranged not only for enrichment but to help the bird achieve privacy so it feels secure.
  • Sale/Gift

    Sale/Gift (12)

    We provide the best prices possible every day. We don't artificially inflate prices and then come up with some sort of story about how a discount is suddenly available. When we find high-value low-priced items you'll find them right here in our sale category.

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