Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?

The problem with Quora is that anecdotal answers are opinions, not answers.


Another problem with answering this question is where would we find benchmarks for bird happiness?


I know when my ringneck is happy eating because he talks to his food.

If anyone walks into a room where he was alone for more than 2 minutes he will insist on “conversation: with him doing most of the talking.


But communicating his happiness or displeasure about any of his birdcages (he has 4), is something still opaque to me.



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Can Extended Loud Noises Hurt Your Birds Ears?

Editor’s note: full transparency, I don’t think we’ve ever covered the subject of pet birds and hearing.


Once again a loyal reader comes through with a potentially serious issue that until now we have left opaque.


Many of us take for granted that our birds can hear but exactly how good is their hearing, how has it evolved and how do they use it?



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Does Anyone Out There Clean Their Perches With Peroxide?

Lee asks

Hi Windy City,


Does anyone out there clean their perches with peroxide?


Is it safe?


I’ve tried various surface cleaning methods followed by baking. 


Most recently, after cleaning off loose debris, I soaked in bleach water, then steamed with a brush attachment.


During a cold spell, so I did this indoors.


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