Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?

The problem with Quora is that anecdotal answers are opinions, not answers.


Another problem with answering this question is where would we find benchmarks for bird happiness?


I know when my ringneck is happy eating because he talks to his food.

If anyone walks into a room where he was alone for more than 2 minutes he will insist on “conversation: with him doing most of the talking.


But communicating his happiness or displeasure about any of his birdcages (he has 4), is something still opaque to me.



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Why Did My 3 yo Milagold Macaw Start Plucking Out of the Blue?

Richard writes:


I have a 3-year-old Milagold Macaw, and his name is Rainbow.


Rainbow likes to bite and nibble things, like my clothes, my arm and whatever he can get.


How do I get him to stop, my arm has a lot of bruises from this, is there bird training classes for this or do I just tape his mouth close (LOL) please tell me what I should do?



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Can Wet Birds Fly?



Watch this osprey get fully submerged.


I find it amazing the bird has enough energy to take off as water-laden as it got.


Note the “rounded” wing flap necessary for enough lift to fully emerge and propel itself from the surface carrying not only the fish but a few pounds of water caught up in its feather (integumentary) system.



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Should I Get A Conure With 4 Cats And A Dog In My Home?


Leahloveskittens writes


I am a teen in the process of saving up for a green cheeked conure while I’m still in school.


I have done a lot of research on them.


The problem is that my family also has 4 cats and a dog.


I was planning on getting a tall cage and putting in a corner so the bird has a corner to retreat to in case of a cat attacking somehow, but now I’m worried that I just shouldn’t get a bird at all so I don’t make it get hurt.


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