Why Did My 3 yo Milagold Macaw Start Plucking Out of the Blue?

Richard writes:


I have a 3-year-old Milagold Macaw, and his name is Rainbow.


Rainbow likes to bite and nibble things, like my clothes, my arm and whatever he can get.


How do I get him to stop, my arm has a lot of bruises from this, is there bird training classes for this or do I just tape his mouth close (LOL) please tell me what I should do?



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Is There A Hormone To Calm My Over Sexed African Grey Parrot?

I have had my male African grey parrot for 28 years.


When he matured sexually years ago he started plucking.


I have him on a plumage supplement now and he has lots of new quills and looks much better.


However, he humps my arm with a thick sweater on.


He goes to completion if I let him once a day.



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