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2 budgies an a branch

Answers For Breeding And Feeding Budgies

Hello, My 2 parakeets had been mating & the hen has been laying 14-15 eggs so far.   After the first 9, the male who had been guarding the nest abandoned the eggs.   It seemed they are all unfertilized after looking at them under a bright flashlight.   Then they started building another nest …

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2 Queen of Bavaria Conures one with a feather plucked chest

Is Using An Anti Psychotropic Drug A Good Feather Plucking Solution

We are trying something different today.   This is a video interview with Dr. Jenkins, a board certified avian veterinarian.   The video is sponsored by Chloe Sanctuary, a well known and highly regarded bird rescue. The two major issues I have with Dr. Jenkins are

wild cockatiel poking head out from hallow log

Answers For A Cockatiel Pulling Out His Wing Feathers And A Cockatiel With Cataracts

Dear Mitch I wanted to ask for your advice.   My male cockatiel is pulling his feathers out from under his wings.   I brought him to one avian vet who did blood work.   That was a dead end.   The 2nd vet sent droppings to a lab and that was negative.

My Peach-faced lovebird made an egg.

Re: My Peach-faced lovebird made an egg. Unfertilized, she has no mate. Yesterday she was a tiny velociraptor defending her nest,and I’ve been watching her ‘egg bum’ for a couple of days, now. This morning she was bouncy and happy, apparently relieved of her butt burden, but this is not over, her bum is still …

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What Are The Most Difficult Parrots To Keep As Pets For Most Bird Owners

What are the most difficult parrots to keep as pets for most bird owners? First a little housekeeping. When we talk about species of birds, it’s important to be specific. To say that “cockatoos are needy”  would be inaccurate.

A Better Bird Video Series For Training Birds And Their Humans

Just as the name implies, this is a series of quick and easy ways to help your The birds stay happy and healthy around-the-clock. This is a series of short but incisive ideas you can apply today bringing you closer to bird care nirvana. The number of things necessary to provide foraging in Richmond for …

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Is it okay to open my budgies cage, so they can fly around?

I clearly have been remiss by not keeping everybody up with the lives of our six budgies.   Ever since we adopted the last two, Biscuit and Gravy, the dynamics have certainly once again changed in the cage environment.   Putting things in perspective there are only two males, Jam and Eggs, the other four …

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One Of My African Greys Has Been Losing Feathers And It Is Getting Worse

My husband and I have two 14-year-old African grey parrots.   We bought them from a pet store that sold only parrots when they were chicks.   They seem very healthy – have good appetites, play, scream, etc.   However, one of the birds has been losing her feathers and it is getting worse.

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