Does A Lung Transplant Patient Need To Get Rid Of Her Macaw?

I just got off the phone with Andrea, a very good customer of ours.


Andrea was fortunate enough to get a lung transplant at the age of 70.


I’m sure her primary surgeon told her many things that stand out to me are, “We’ve probably added about six years to your life” and “You have to get rid of your macaw.”


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What Size Rope Perches For A 45 YO Double Yellow-head Amazon?

Hi, my vet suggested differently sized rope perches for Yago, my 45 yr. old (double yellow-headed) Amazon.


His main perch (rope) is the one on top.


It is a bit long so it droops a bit.


I think it is about 1/2 inch in diameter. 


I measured the diameter of the cage at 20″. Pretty sure that should be the size for his main one. 


He has two others shown.


I would like to keep the dark brown one.  


Do you have some ideas for Yago?


Maybe one or two outside?



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