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Feather Plucking

african grey in cage in front of mechanical foraging bird toy

Solving This Grey’s Feather Plucking With A New Nano Environment

Spoiler alert: This post and discussion illustrate how I reached my diagnosis: Jan is plucking his feathers because his feet hurt. He’s using his food dish to sleep. This helps avoid pressure to the bottom of his feet  which he feels when they grip the smooth dowel rod perch. That’s why he plucks in the sleeping …

Solving This Grey’s Feather Plucking With A New Nano Environment Read More »

Left side of blue and gold macaw parrot head

How Do I Treat Macaw Mites

Or Are Mites Making Making My Macaw Miserable?   Hi Mitch, Always look forward to your Sunday articles, thanks!   Madeleine is a (Blue & Gold Macaw) rescue from a home where she was malnourished, neglected and abused.   I was able to negotiate relinquishment but it’s been a year of learning for me, we …

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2 Queen of Bavaria Conures one with a feather plucked chest

Is Using An Anti Psychotropic Drug A Good Feather Plucking Solution

We are trying something different today.   This is a video interview with Dr. Jenkins, a board certified avian veterinarian.   The video is sponsored by Chloe Sanctuary, a well known and highly regarded bird rescue. The two major issues I have with Dr. Jenkins are

wild cockatiel poking head out from hallow log

Answers For A Cockatiel Pulling Out His Wing Feathers And A Cockatiel With Cataracts

Dear Mitch I wanted to ask for your advice.   My male cockatiel is pulling his feathers out from under his wings.   I brought him to one avian vet who did blood work.   That was a dead end.   The 2nd vet sent droppings to a lab and that was negative.

How Winter Places Stress On Captive Birds

Birds have a highly developed sense of light. In humans, we perceive light through our eyes. Our feathered friends have an additional way of interpreting light conditions, a special gland which surrounds the eye. Read more on this As days get shorter and the temperature falls, we want you to be aware of some issues the …

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Why Is This Jubilee (Hybrid) Macaw Having A Difficult Molt?

Donna B writes on 9/9/2018 I have a 6-1/2 year old Jubilee Macaw (named Bijou) who seems to be having a very difficult molt.   I am concerned his constant picking might turn in to plucking.   Bijou has begun constantly picking on himself and pulls out not only larger feathers but also small to mid …

Why Is This Jubilee (Hybrid) Macaw Having A Difficult Molt? Read More »

Is It Better To Clip Your Parrot’s Wings Or Not?

Why is humankind so focused on lopping off body parts? We “bob” dog’s ears and tails. We castrate bulls. We lop off the foreskin of infant males. And now we wanna chop off the wings of animals that have been flying for 99 million years. “Earn the right to fly”? Preposterous. Flight is what birds …

Is It Better To Clip Your Parrot’s Wings Or Not? Read More »

One Of My African Greys Has Been Losing Feathers And It Is Getting Worse

My husband and I have two 14-year-old African grey parrots.   We bought them from a pet store that sold only parrots when they were chicks.   They seem very healthy – have good appetites, play, scream, etc.   However, one of the birds has been losing her feathers and it is getting worse.

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