Is There A Hormone To Calm My Over Sexed African Grey Parrot?

I have had my male African grey parrot for 28 years.


When he matured sexually years ago he started plucking.


I have him on a plumage supplement now and he has lots of new quills and looks much better.


However, he humps my arm with a thick sweater on.


He goes to completion if I let him once a day.



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How Did TOPs Make Totally Organics Bird Food Even Better?

I’m not sure when we started selling TOP’s Parrot Food formally known as Totally Organics.


The distraction of moving to Indiana allowed us to move a little away from focusing on “the devil’s in the details”.


We noticed the packaging had changed as well as the titles of the food but did not really drill down into this bird food line until recently.


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Can I Train An Aggressive 7 YO African Grey?

Inna asks

Hello. We have a 7 year old African grey.


Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.


We are having problems with his behavior.


He attacks. He bites. He is angry.


He only obeys one person in the house.


Is it too late to train him?


Who can we turn to?

Thank you. 



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