Why Did My Hawkheaded Parrot Freak Out After A 4 Day Absence?

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8/23/2018 – I have a Hawkheaded parrot named Rudy (above) that is the greatest companion!


He has been with me for the past 2 years & comes out with me daily.


My husband & I just took a long weekend vacation (4 days).


He (the bird) stayed at our house with pet sitters & remained in his cage.


Upon my return my hawkhead totally freaked out.


I let him venture out of his cage on his own & just relax before trying to handle him as usual ~ bit me down to the bone.


This is still the 1st day we are home.


Any suggestions?


I’m not a novice & have owned my gray & yellow nape for over 30 years. Thanks Mary Anne


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