Is There A Hormone To Calm My Over Sexed African Grey Parrot?

I have had my male African grey parrot for 28 years.


When he matured sexually years ago he started plucking.


I have him on a plumage supplement now and he has lots of new quills and looks much better.


However, he humps my arm with a thick sweater on.


He goes to completion if I let him once a day.



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Can I Train An Aggressive 7 YO African Grey?

Inna asks

Hello. We have a 7 year old African grey.


Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.


We are having problems with his behavior.


He attacks. He bites. He is angry.


He only obeys one person in the house.


Is it too late to train him?


Who can we turn to?

Thank you. 



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Help With An African Grey And A Triton Cockatoo.

I Have An African Grey And A Triton Cockatoo.


I hand fed both and have had the Grey since 1985 and the Cockatoo since 1987.


They are housed separately in AE bird cages and I have perches around the house for them to move to as I work around.


Both are female.


My Gray has begun acting strange.


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How She Cared For Her African Greys Fractured Leg Bone

Hi Mitch and Catherine,

Thanks again for an informative ‘Sunday Birdie Brunch’!

I would appreciate some guidance…

Due to my carelessness and haste a month ago, I scooped Hannah up as she was running down the hallway and dropped her by accident.

I saw the look on her face and her holding her leg and knew immediately she was injured.


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Solving This Grey’s Feather Plucking With A New Nano Environment

Spoiler alert: This post and discussion illustrate how I reached my diagnosis:

Jan is plucking his feathers because his feet hurt.
He’s using his food dish to sleep.
This helps avoid pressure to the bottom of his feet  which he feels when they grip the smooth dowel rod perch.
That’s why he plucks in the sleeping cage – he wants the pain to ease.


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