Should Blind People Keep Pet Birds

This might be an interesting topic for a Birdie Brunch! 


Hello, I’m Laurie Cannon, who wrote to you about the possibility of adopting an older Green-Winged Macaw. 


We didn’t do that, however, we did contact a breeder about a Panama Amazon baby. 


She seemed almost horrified when she found out both my husband and I are totally blind. 


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Is Using An Anti Psychotropic Drug A Good Feather Plucking Solution

We are trying something different today.


This is a video interview with Dr. Jenkins, a board-certified avian veterinarian.


The video is sponsored by Chloe Sanctuary, a well known and highly regarded bird rescue.


Here is a paper written by Dr. Jenkins on the subject.


Read 13 more scientific papers on bird and parrot care.


Veterinarian Gregory Harrison of Harrison’s bird food is also an advocate of light therapy.


The two major issues I have with Dr. Jenkins are:


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Fruit Flies Are Bothering My Umbrella Cockatoos (And Me)

mitchr is red violet and italicized


Oh, hi. Good morning. My favorite bird people. How are you doing?


Good Martha. How about yourself?


Oh wonderful. I’m sitting here with my two umbrella cockatoos and we have some fruit flies.


I was wondering if you have any product I could order that might help with that?


Let me double check.




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