There are about 750 species of pet birds. There are only one species of dog. Finding the best nutritional program for your bird is one or top priorities.

  • African Grey

    African Grey (136)

    We consider African Grey Parrot's medium-large species from Central & West Africa. In the wild they live on palm nuts, seeds, fruits, leafy matter, and have even been observed eating snails. Read more:
  • Amazon

    Amazon (134)

    Why is avocado bad for parrots? A toxin called persin (a cardiac glycoside fungicidal toxin) seeps from an oil in the avocados pit. Persin then finds its way into the fruit. A bird with avocado toxicity can exhibit anorexia, respiration issues, lethargy and may even die. Not all avocados are toxic but it's best to not risk it. The Guatemalan avocado variety, which is the most common sold in grocery stores, is especially toxic. Avocados are toxic to other animals like rabbits, horses, fish, mice and possibly dogs.
  • Budgie

    Budgie (61)

    Food for budgies and other small birds like parrotlets
  • Cockatiel

    Cockatiel (93)

    Food appropriate for cockatiel and similar size pet birds
  • Dove/Pigeon

    Dove/Pigeon (18)

    Bird food appropriate for pet doves and pigeons.
  • Eclectus

    Eclectus (38)

    Food for Eclectus parrots with no fortification. Contrary to popular belief Eclectus parrot may not need a special diet with no vitamin supplementation.
  • Hookbill

    Hookbill (165)

    Hookbill is a general category for any larger parrot with a strong beak
  • Lory Softbill

    Lory Softbill (35)

    Lorikeets slurp nectar in the wild and softbill birds like Toucans need "soft" food as they are unable to crack nuts and remove seed hulls.
  • Quaker

    Quaker (108)

    Quaker parrots or Monk parakeets are small green parrots. Feral Quakers live in several North American cities and are able to survive very cold winters by building large colonial nests. Quakers are the only parrots that build nests.
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