• Crazy Good Cookin'

    Crazy Good Cookin' (5)

    A cookable snack for birds full of exotic flavors and textures. 
  • Goldenfeast

    Goldenfeast (33)

    More than 50 plant-based all-natural ingredients and never a preservative. Herbs and spices like whole cinnamon and hibiscus.
  • Harrisons

    Harrisons (20)

    Health foods for birds. By introducing the first avian formulation made from certified organic ingredients. 
  • Higgins InTune

    Higgins InTune (11)

    The innovative new, complete companion bird nutrition pellet that every concerned pet owner has been looking for. 
  • Higgins Mayan Harvest

    Higgins Mayan Harvest (6)

    Mayan Harvest is Higgins' newest and most innovative seed brand yet. Mayan Harvest brings together exotic, natural ingredients. 
  • Higgins Safflower Gold

    Higgins Safflower Gold (4)

    Safflower Gold Natural has no sunflower seeds and uses premium gourmet ingredients that are free of artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Higgins Sunburst

    Higgins Sunburst (41)

    Sunburst® Gourmet Blends are our premium, fortified, natural bird foods formulated as food and treat all in one. 
  • Higgins Supreme

    Higgins Supreme (5)

    Supreme is a non-fortified seed blend, free of artificial colors and preservatives. 
  • Higgins Vita

    Higgins Vita (24)

    Vita Seed is a fortified, natural seed blend free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.
  • Higgins Worldly

    Higgins Worldly (12)

    Higgins Worldly Cuisines are the all-natural bird food appetizers that you cook up for your pet bird
  • Lafebers

    Lafebers (27)

    Lafeber Company was built by a father-son team of veterinarians with a shared love of animals and a special passion for birds.
  • LAvian

    LAvian (11)

    L’Avian Plus contains a full range of vitamins and minerals, plus chelated trace minerals, and more.
  • Living World

    Living World (7)

    Gourmet formula with a blend of delicious grains, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables supplemented with Tropican egg granules.
  • Nekton

    Nekton (32)

    Nekton bird supplements are developed based on the latest results of scientific research and an up to date knowledge of birds. 
  • Pretty Bird

    Pretty Bird (8)

    Protein and 10 essential amino acids build strong bodies and healthy feathers.
  • Roudybush

    Roudybush (22)

    Roudybush Maintenance Diet, the most commonly fed Roudybush Diet, is designed to be fed to most healthy adult birds. It is a single formulation that comes in 5 different pellet sizes.
  • Scenic

    Scenic (2)

    Scenic Bird Food is a complete formulated diet for exotic hookbill and softbill birds such as macaws, cockatoos, parrots, lories, budgies, mynahs, toucans, and finches.
  • TOPS

    TOPS (29)

    TOP's bird food products are now officially USDA Organic and you will see the USDA logo on our packaging. About Totally Organics Bird & Parrot Food - the Company
  • Tropican

    Tropican (12)

    Contains a blend of multi-grains with peanuts, natural omega fatty acids from flaxseed, balanced calcium and vitamin D for proper egg formation and bone health.
  • Tropimix

    Tropimix (8)

    HARI (Hagen) Tropican food granule-based formula with a natural blend of favorite grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. NO WASTEFUL SHELLS/HUSKS.
  • Volkman

    Volkman (29)

    There is no shortcut, quality feed comes from quality ingredients. Whether it’s buying raw materials or importing specialty products from Belgium, Seed Factory’s handpicked, vetted network of sources is second to none. Read more
  • Zupreem

    Zupreem (12)

    ZuPreem® Natural Bird Food pellets offer complete nutrition for various species of adult hookbills and softbills. Ideal for those wanting to feed a more natural diet.
  • HARI

    HARI (23)

    Produced at Rolf C. Hagen Inc.’s state of the art food plant with a multi-step quality control plan makes Living World, Tropican & Tropimix top quality bird food brands.
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