Deciding your birdcage’s environment is one of the most single important tasks you will execute. The cage must be set up for long tail or short tail birds.

  • All Perches

    All Perches (100)

    All the perches we have available on the site can be found here. Be they hardwood, softwood or rope perches you can easily find any perch that will suit your bird's needs.
  • Bedtime

    Bedtime (48)

    Parrots are prey animals that like privacy. Bedding can provide the means for the right to be comfy and cozy whenever it chooses. It's important to remember that these small enclosures can help express a bird who has brooding urges and must watched for. As always be vigilant looking for small Ritz tears or loose pieces of fabric that can pose a danger to the pet bird inside your birds cage.
  • Bird Warmers

    Bird Warmers (10)

    Why heat the house when you can just heat the bird? Birds don't need a lot of warmth to keep themselves snugly. Warming perches and panels are designed to give your bird a higher level of comfort summer and winter.    
  • Breeding

    Breeding (34)

    Whether years a seasoned professional breeder or willing to accept the responsibility of hand feeding and raising checks you will find everything you need to complete most any bird braiding task.
  • Cage Lighting

    Cage Lighting (24)

    Birds get in an enormous amount of information from light. Light tells birds when to sleep, wake up, breed, molt and if appropriate when the migrate The single most important accessory for your bird is to add a full spectrum light bowl no more than 6 inches of the cage. The bulb should be put on a timer providing 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This helps them by providing an equatorial light cycle which they have come to expect instinctually after 99 million years.
  • Cameras

    Cameras (3)

    We offer an exciting selection of cameras that can be used both inside your birdcage and outside for watching backyard birds.
  • Climbing Nets

    Climbing Nets (4)

    Climbing nets offer a unique and wonderful opportunity for your bird to exercise while remaining in their designated room or area.
  • Flat Perches

    Flat Perches (18)

    Birds are on their feet 24/7. Is our knowledge base of parrots is increased we are learning that many were provided the wrong types of perches for sleeping in other activities. Overweight birds might experience leg ankle and foot issues. Flat purchase health address these problems and help your bird take a load off.
  • Hang It

    Hang It (12)

    Having the ability to hang toys accessories and even food from the top of the cage is done easily with the tools found in this category.
  • Hard Perches

    Hard Perches (28)

    Pet birds are on their feet 24 seven. Beaks and nails can do damage to the purchase they stand on. We advocate having at least three styles of perches in the birdcage one of which being a hard long-lasting perch like Manzanita or Java wood.
  • Ladders

    Ladders (7)

    The use of ladders in and around bird cages provide abundant opportunities. Install them horizontally high in the cage for sleeping or lower in the cage for transitioning to different areas. For birds with clipped wings, they can be used to climb from the floor to the door of the cage.
  • Rope Perches

    Rope Perches (30)

    Rope is one of the most versatile items that can be placed inside or outside of a birdcage. Booda soft rope perches are excellent because they are easy and birds feet which make them great for sleeping. We also recommend them for plucking parrots. Rope by itself can be used to create your own unique perches or to make birds. The possibilities are endless.
  • Swings

    Swings (5)

    Birds spend their days in trees. Trees move with the when which is why at least one the swing should be available to your bird. Our budgies like to sleep on their swings.
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