Backyard Birdhouse Owl Night Vision HD Camera In White Pine Nestbox

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This, one of our best one-size-fits-all birdhouses, got even better with the addition of our new Hawk Eye HD Nature Cam.

The Backyard Birdhouse with its 4″ x 4″ floor will be a welcome home to a majority of smaller backyard birds, such as titmice, bluebirds, chickadees, and house wrens.

Made of durable Eastern white pine. It comes fitted with a slate squirrel guard.

A 100′ camera AV/power connecting cable is included.

Our 100′ or 50′ extension cables can be added for additional distance.

Packages include: Backyard Birdhouse with HD cam installed Hawk Eye HD includes * Color HD Camera, with night vision, microphone, variable focus lens * 100′ AV/power cable * 12 volts, power adapter *

Instructions Free Shipping! Having plenty of bird feeders, and several bird houses, are great for attracting birds

But, don’t forget, they like to drink and bathe as well. Adding, bird baths and drippers will attract even more, and keep them coming back all year long. Also, see our other nature cams and birdhouses without cameras.

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