Bird Bath Inside Cage for Small Birds by Hagen Hari

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Bird Bath Inside Cage for Small Birds by Living World Vision

The Hagen Living World Vision Bird Bath fits easily into your bird cage. The enclosed hood provides privacy, contains splashing, and protects your bird from drafts. The base is textured to provide your bird with a sure grip.

6 Inches x 6 Inches x 6 inches 

  • Two-piece construction
  • Snap-fit assembly
  • Just set on the floor of the cage, or use the
  • Locking Clip: Installs easily on wire cage bars
  • Durable – easy to clean plastic

A colorful and practical birdcage accessory, the Vision® Bird Bath adds visual flair to your bird’s cage and provides hours of bathing fun for your bird.

Designed with safety and practicality in mind, the specially crafted birdbath has a clear, plastic hood, a textured anti-slip base and installs easily on the cage floor. 

It can also be installed on the wire bars of a small birdcage.

It fits most standard wire cages.


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