Bird Bath Multi Cage Fit for Small Birds by Hagen Hari

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Bird Bath Multi Cage Fit for Small Birds by Living World Hagen

The Living World Multi Cage Outside Bird Bath is a great way to promote proper hygiene and care for your bird. Deluxe adjustable bird bath for parakeets and canaries. All birds love to splash around in a bit of water, making this a great addition to your birds cage and it will also help keep your bird clean. The Bird Bath is made of durable plastic, is easy to install and easy to clean.

4-1/2 in (11.43 cm) wide x 5 in (12.7 cm) deep x 4-1/4 in (10.795 cm) high. 
  • Outside of cage, Light brown color transparent plastic.
  • Nice splash encased design for a clean, healthy bird
  • Contributes to good hygiene for your bird
  • Fits most flat side standard wire cages over a door 


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