Coffee Tree Perch Natural Y by Prevue 9″ Small

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Coffee Tree Perch Natural Y by Prevue 9″ Small

Coffee tree perches are durable and long-lasting, sustainably harvested, and handmade for natural feet and innate foot exercise

9″ Long x 1/2″ to 1″ varied diameter and shape, every perch is different
Sustainable coffee tree hardwood is durable, tough and long-lasting 
  • Varied branch shapes and diameters provide excellent foot healthy exercise
  • Organic textures create a more natural environment and instinctual experience
  • All naturals perches and toys are handmade from wholesome, Eco-friendly materials
  • Comes complete with mounting hardware for any size cage (2 washers & wing-nut)
Not only are these coffee wood perches great for your bird’s feet they will look super cool in your cage with all the crazy shapes. The uneven surface and the Y” will challenge your bird’s feet every moment it’s on the perch.
In that caged birds may be on their feet 24 seven, challenging their feet is of the utmost importance in avoiding problems like bumblefoot.


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