Comfy Rope Perch Small 32 Inch (81.3 cm) Long By Booda

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NO WIRE! Booda Comfy Cotton Rope Perch is designed with new shapes, bright colors and truly comfortable feel beneath your bird’s feet. 

Small 32 Inch (81.28 cm) Long x 5/8 Inch (1.6 cm) Diameter 

Comfy Perch™ allows you to have fun creating different types of perches for your birds. Depending on the length of the cable, you can create loops, curves, and other interesting shapes.

The Booda Comfy Perch is bird breeder recommended to provide perching surfaces and levels birds need in their environment along with color enrichment.

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  • Fabric Perch
  • Helps to relieve cage stress & boredom
  • Great sleeping perch
  • Offers birds something to chew, great for feather pluckers.
  • Recommended by bird breeders.
  • Create loops, curves, and other interesting shapes.
  • Great for training

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