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Divided Bird Aviary Cage for Smaller Birds by HQ 16421 Black

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For the serious small bird enthusiast, this divided flight cage comes with a removable divider. Each cage features extra long aviary feeder dishes, and a whopping 32 inches of flight room.   Yes, you can have more than one favorite species from finches and lovebirds and parakeets to cockatiels or small conures.  If you have the room, this is the cage. 
not recommend for tiny finches like the orange cheeked or strawberry finch
64 Inch (163 cm) wide  x 21 Inch (52 cm)  deep x 35 Inch (89 cm) high 
24 (61 cm) In high stand  – Overall height cage & stand 59 Inches (150 cm)
Bar Spacing 1/2 Inch (1.27 cm

all hq cage company wroght iron bird cage colors

  • Great for these birds or these birds
  • Removable Trays & Grills
  • Long aviary style cups
  • Wood Perches
  • 2 Side Breeder Doors
  • Slide-Out Vertical Divider
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron
  • Durable powder-coating finish
  • Assembly time approx 30 minutes
  • Tools required: Screwdriver (electric preferred), pliers
  • EZ Roll Wheels included 
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 HQ 16421
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