Flat Top Bird Cage Stand & Shelf for Small Parrots by HQ 32217C Platinum

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This small cage is great for you and for your small parrot.   The flat top opening and perch provides an instant playtop for your parrot when you get home, and the roomy and bright interior has lots of usable space for perches and toys to entertain your feathered friend when you’re away.  
The easy conversion makes bonding time a breeze. The overall size is still small enough to roll from room to room as needed.  
This cage is also a dream to clean!  The top can be removed from the cart and placed right into the shower. Suitable for small parrots, such as conure, lory,  caique or senegal.  If you need this kind of convenience for both of you, this is the cage.
22″ w x 17″ d x 30″ h 
Inside height 22″
Overall height 46″ 
Bar Spacing 1/2″
all hq cage company wroght iron bird cage colors
  • Top opens
  • Cart w/ shelf
  • Light Grey Plastic Base with removable tray
  • 3 Stainless Steel Cups
  • Access feeders from outside the cage
  • 2 Wood Perches
  • Constructed of Bird-safe wrought iron
  • Durable powder-coating finish
  • EZ Roll Casters
  • Assembly time approx 30 minutes
  • Tools required: Screwdriver (electric preferred), pliers
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 HQ 32217C
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