Grooming Pacific Perch Beach Walk Bolt On by Prevue 8.5 Inch Large

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Prevue Pet Products Beach Walks are constructed of 100% natural ground seashell which provide calcium to birds as they chew. The telescoping diameter provides great foot exercise and the shell pieces provide texture to groom beaks & nails. 
Prevue Pet Products Beach Walk Large measures 8-1/2 In  (21.6 cm) Long with 1-1/4 In (3.2 cm) to 1-3/8 In (3.5 cm) diameter  
  • Beach Walk perches are tapered shapes 
  • Each perch style is covered in ground-up 100% natural seashell 
  • Provides an ideal foot exercise The hard seashell coating grooms beaks & nails 
Colors will vary
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