IndestructiBell Bird Proof Bell Toy Small

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Your bird loves bells but you’re tired of buying them! The IndestructIbell offers long term protection from the actual bell. 

Holes on the bottom of the plastic base allow the bird to hear the bell but not rip out the clangor. The blue color blends well with any cage decor.   

Small 4″ Tall x 3″ Diam.   
Constructed from the same materials used to make a bulletproof window!

Windy City Parrot Customer Service received the following phone call a while back when this toy was labeled Bullet Proof

“Hi, is this Windy City Parrot?”

“Yes – How can I help you?”

“I’m calling to say I am disappointed with the quality of your Lucky Bird Toys IndestructaBell  (Now Platinum Tweeter)

“What seems to be the problem”

“It’s destroyed”

“What kind of bird do you have?

“An African Grey”

“We know sometimes a Moulucaan Cockatoo or Green Wing Macaw can be pretty rough on these toys, but usually not an African Grey”

“Oh no – the bird didn’t destroy it, I did”

“How so?

“I shot it!”


“It’s called bulletproof – I wanted to see for myself”

We went on to explain that the material used to make these toys is the same as the bulletproof windows you see at currency exchanges, but much thinner…

You can’t make this stuff up.


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