Ladder High Colorful 9 Wood Rung 18 Inch By Prevue

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Ladder High Colorful 9 Wood Rung 18 Inch (45.72 Cm)

9-Rung wood ladders measures 4-1/4 Inches (10.8 cm)  Wide and 18 Inches (45.72 cm) High
Rungs are 3/8 Inch (.95 cm) thick

Prevue Pet Products Carpenter Creations 9-Rung wood ladders feature high-quality, heavy-duty construction. All ladders are colored with 100% safe FD&C colors and include top hooks for easy hanging in bird cages. 

  • Heavy-duty solid wood construction
  • Top-post hanging hooks
  • Easy to hang & rehang around the cage
  • 100% safe FD&C-approved colors 

Birds like to climb. We think you can’t have enough wooden ladders for your birds. You can hang them in cages, on cages, off stands or from perches. 

These will brighten up any birds area and provide great exercise. 

PRE 1137

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