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Medium Short Net size: 3′ x 3′ – 3/4″ Rope – 5″ x 5″ spaces – Each net has a 1 Foot Long rope loop at each corner making this net 5 feet long overall
Tired of watching your favorite parrot buddy climb the drapes? How about a suitable alternative?

Your bird can climb, play, go in and out of the spaces and create their own games, all the while exercising their body and mind, with the grid providing secure footing.

While actively playing with toys, leaves and branches and treats that you have hung on the grid. your feathery companion will feel safe and secure. With your imagination, the applications for fun and exercise with these nets are endless.

This net provides a climbing and playing environment that most emulates a natural forest or jungle. Can be hung or draped, and it’s configuration can be changed as often as you like.

Made of untreated natural Abaca rope. Abaca is the fiber from the leaf-stem of the plant musa textilis, native to the Philippines. It is closely related to and resembles the common, cultivated, banana plant
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Link to SizesNet SizeEach OpenRope DiamRecommended for
 Medium3 Ft x
6 Ft
5 In x
5 In
3/4 In
Conures, Caique, Senegals, Hahns Macaw
Medium Short 
3 Ft x 3 Ft5 In x
5 In
3/4 In
Conures, Caique, Senegals, Hahns Macaw
4 Ft x
8 Ft
7 In x
 7 In
1 In
African Greys, Amazons
Cockatoos, Lge Macaws
 Large Short4 Ft x
4 Ft
7 In x
7 In
1 In
African Greys, Amazons
Cockatoos, Lge Macaws
Just a note – It’s best to hang your net more horizontally than vertically.
This will help poop fall through rather than on parts of the net below. 
Which one of your 4 climbing nets would you suggest for a person that has one bird – an 8 year old Maxi Pionus? Also, are there instructions on how to hang them in the package (on the walls, ceilings, etc)?
We suggest you get the smallest net unless you have a lot of room. They are beefy and a lot of fun for all birds. There are no instructions. They have 4 one foot long straps with loops to hang and your own creativity is all that is needed.

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