Mango Pet Dyna-mite Mite-lice Repellent 8 oz

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Pest Control Dyna-mite All Natural Mite-lice Repellent 8 Oz (.24 L)

Soothes skin from mite and lice Irritation. Penetrates feathers and plumage. Helps with feather loss due to infestation.

Dyna-Mite is the”aahh…I feel good” mite and lice spray. This soothing formula is a natural, non-toxic, non-irritating hypallergenic blend of aloe, organic oils, diatomeceous earth and only non toxic organics. It kills mites and lice by physical action and not by chemicals, so no harm can come to birds or humans.

Dyna-Mite encourages natural preening, soothes feathers and skin, helps with itching, feather chewing and feather loss due to mite and lice infestations and all irritations.

Directions: Shake product well before using. Place bird in warm comfortable area and away from feed and water stations. Introduce the spray from several inches away. Start to spray from head to tail until the entire body is wet.

Common Sense Precaution: Don’t spray directly in face. Don’t spray ill birds.Consult your veterinarian if you any health concerns with your bird.

Purified water, aloe vera, omega 3 in a proprietory non-residual blend of diatomaceous earth organics.

How can you tell if your bird has mites?

Here’s a simple test. Hold a plain white sheet of paper in the palm of your hand underneath your birds favorite perch. Tap on the perch several times tap-tap-tap-tap and then look at the paper in your hand. If you see a small red dots on the paper your bird has mites. If there are no small red dots in the paper he may not.


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