Seed Catcher Skirt Mesh for Bird Cages by Prevue Large White

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LARGE 100″ White Mesh Skirt Seed Catcher.

This item is a soft mesh nylon curtain that slips over your cage and is held in place by elastic.
It helps keeps the mess from spreading out of the cage onto the floor.

Measure the four sides of your cage and add the 4 amounts together.

If the total is from 26″ to 50″ and you want a 7″ curtain height You need a small.
If the total is from 42″ to 80″ and you want an 8″ curtain height You need a medium.
If the total is from 52″ to 98″ and you want a 13″ curtain height You need a large.

  • Washable Soft Nylon Fabric Seed catcher for Birdcages.
  • Heavy-Duty Elastic on top and bottom
  • Keeps cage Light and Airy
  • Helps Protect your Floor.

Fabric items are not returnable due to the potential of biohazards. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A Medium Blue Seed Catcher is Shown on a 21 x 17 HQ cage

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