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African grey parrot on flat perch in birdcage
Bird & Parrot Anaotmy

How Do I Stop My African Grey From Guarding His Cage Door?

I would like to know how I can get my male Timneh not to be too territorial around his cage cause he’s a real sweetheart …

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black capped caique parrot
Bathing and Health

How Do I Care for My Caique Who Suffered a Stroke?

Good morning.    My 29-year-old Caique parrot Skeeter had a stroke 10 days ago.    The vet who treated him sent him home the same …

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white cockatiel inside top of bird cage filled with bird toys
Bird Cage Info

What Lighting Should I Use For A 6 Month Old Cockatiel?

Hi, Mitch and the wonderful people at Windy City Parrot!   Can you advise me about lighting for my six-month-old female cockatiel?   I have …

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Bathing and Health

Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?

The problem with Quora is that anecdotal answers are opinions, not answers.   Another problem with answering this question is where would we find benchmarks …

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Should I Give Meds to My Conure to Relax and Quiet Him Down?

I rescued a male conure aged 3 yrs. Gino, is mean and a biter….No matter what I do. New cage. Change and varied foods. Very …

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What Do I Feed 3 Budgies That Aren’t Fond of Anything?

What do I feed 3 budgies that aren’t fond of anything except millet and Avicakes and Baked Munchies?   Love your Sunday morning e-mails.   …

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